And again, here I am

But this is not a comeback, Daniele has always been there. He was reformulating his recipe in order to get himself back into a new restaurant where to ignite his passion for cooking coming on to the stage with his sincere smile to the inner rhythm of his heart.



FIRENZE, piazza del Carmine 7r

And again, here he is. But not to take a revenge on his past.
His memories are so vivid that he actually desires to address those who, similarly to him, are looking for a fresh and wise experience.
Those who dare to try and enjoy such an intense and subtle pleasure: over and over.


«Ahahah!» echoes Daniele’s laughter.
This is how the joy of receiving a gift for the first time looks like. All in one gaze: the surprise of the unexpected and the brightness of purity.
And Da’ Pescatore is this way, like Daniele is: the kitchen house.
You can call it house, thanks to the ability of Daniele in creating a dimension where everyone can find himself again rediscovering a sense of ease. But it’s a kitchen. As a matter of fact, by cooking Daniele lets us sense our fickle nature that yearns to find relief for both body and soul through the reconciliation of feeling and sensuality.

At Daniele’s you can taste home cooking. How? Angelo, Kazuo, Filippo and Katia are Daniele’s hands, eyes, nose, and mouth, but the secret ingredient is his true passion. Furthermore, each of them add and exquisite element to an enjoyable ensemble: Daniele’s menu.
Here you can find an original and almost contradictory continuity between Raw and Cooked Food. On the stage of this palatable performance beside combinations and oppositions, contrast and complementarity there’s much more. Each course plays the role of protagonist like an instrument playing a such harmonious score in the ensemble but nonetheless telling in every single row.